Pace High Jewish History students visit Temple and Memorial

Religious Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Monsignor Edward Pace students in George Rodriguez's class room recently visited Temple Emanu-El and the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach to gain a richer understanding of the Jewish religion. 


Rabbi Mark Phillipe led the students on a tour of Temple Emanu-El explaining what occurs as he conducts the morning service as well as the meaning of the symbols displayed throughout. Students were able to view a Torah and appreciate the extensive work and procedure necessary to create one. 


Rodriguez, who teachers Jewish History, said "Our visit to Temple Emanu-El Synagogue with Rabbi Phillipe allowed us to appreciate the profound meaning of Judaism, as well as the Jewish roots of the Christian faith." 


Following, the students visited the Holocaust Memorial where Rodriguez provided the students with background of the architecture and the importance of each stone and their origin. While there, students were able to meet Holocaust survivor, Paul Gast, who relived his experience and asked students to remember the Holocaust victims "by how they lived their lives, and not by how they died."