Pets of Miami Lakes

Community By Linda Trischitta, Editor Friday, November 5, 2021

      Say hello to Alfie!

     Alfie is a 6-month-old Pomeranian who was rescued by Carleen and Bob Spano of Miami Lakes.

      A friend who works at a shelter alerted the couple that Alfie was available for adoption, and it’s been a good match.

     “He has become the center of attention and has quickly adapted to life in Miami Lakes,” Carleen Spano said.  “He’s a puppy, and he keeps us on the go!”

      Bob Spano said Alfie likes to bark at the geese and ibis during walks in their Lake Glenn-Ellen neighborhood.

      “When we got him he was kind of timid,” Carleen Spano said. “Now he thinks he owns the street.”

       Alfie has his own set of wheels and can be seen in his stroller while the Spanos dine outdoors at the Beverly Hills Cafe and Sushi Sake restaurants in the 

Cypress Village Shopping Center. 

       Photo courtesy of Carleen Spano. 

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