Pets of Miami Lakes

Community By Linda Trischitta, Editor Thursday, June 30, 2022

Pets of Miami Lakes

     Roxy the Boston Terrier is well known to the folks who live and work around Main Street in Miami Lakes.

     The 3-year-old brindle pup with white boots lives there with Elizabeth Cuesta, her husband Victor Hernandez and their sons Kevin Hernandez, 14, and Cesar Hernandez, 12. 

     “She’s very fit,” Cuesta said about Roxy, her partner on mile-long runs around the neighborhood. 

     “She keeps me fit,” Cuesta said. “We run up the stairs a lot.”

      Roxy also sometimes accompanies Cesar to school. 

      When she isn’t on a run, Roxy likes to take the sun from the family’s balcony, where she watches the squirrels and birds.

     “She likes to sit there all day,” Cuesta said.

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Photo by Elizabeth Cuesta.