Pets of Miami Lakes

Featured By Linda Trischitta, Editor Thursday, August 4, 2022

     Say hello to Loly!

     Loly is nearly two years old and is an Apricot Toy Poodle.

     She weighs just seven pounds and “is the boss of the house, believe it or not!” said Iliana Canal, who with her husband Emilio Canal owns Loly. “She’s something else.”

     The couple take their pet everywhere, most recently to vote. 

     If Loly can’t go into a polling place or inside a store, the Canals take turns waiting outside with her.

     “She makes friends wherever she goes,” Iliana Canal said. “She loves people, especially kids. She’s good company, all day.”

     When she’s not expanding her circle of friends, Loly enjoys walking on two legs, sunbathing on the family’s terrace or taking strolls around their Loch Andrews neighborhood in Miami Lakes.

      Loly will even venture as far as Main Street and the Farmer’s Market, Canal said.

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