Pets of Miami Lakes

Community By Linda Trischitta, Editor Friday, January 6, 2023

      Say hello to Snickers!

      The long-haired Calico has taken over the household of the Gonzalez family in Miami Lakes.

       “She was named Snickers because she is as sweet as candy, but she becomes a diva when she is hungry,” college student Kiki Gonzalez said.

       Snickers is very smart and loves to cuddle, Gonzalez said.

       The fur ball also enjoys taking naps, playing with her squeaky mouse, colorful plushy fish toys and climbing the Christmas tree.  

      Snickers has knocked ornaments off the tree and often rearranges the tree skirt. 

     “She’s a bit of a terror,” said Cathy Quintana, Kiki’s mom. “She loves teething on human feet.” 

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