Pets of Miami Lakes

Community By Linda Trischitta, Editor Friday, May 17, 2024

     Loki is a playful Siberian Husky/Pomeranian mix named for a mischievous character from “The Avengers” movies.

     The 7-month-old puppy with one blue eye and one that is brown lives with Lina and Yuham Hechevarria in downtown Miami Lakes.

       Though Loki likes his walks and visiting Graham Park, he loves being in air conditioning even more.

       “He’ll sleep ‘til noon if we let him,” Lina Hechevarria said. 

        But that’s not to say he’s bored, or boring.

       “He’s the gossip of the neighborhood,” she said. “He loves to be on the balcony and watch everything that is going on.”

       Loki was supposed to be on the smallish size but he already weighs about 50 pounds.

      “He keeps growing and I can’t stop him,” she said.  

      Loki is gentle, according to his owners. He loves to meet toddlers and other dogs. By way of greeting, he will stare until people say hello, and then he’ll howl back, though he never barks, Hechevarria said.