Remembering Coach Don Shula

Sports Thursday, May 14, 2020

Remembering Coach Don Shula
The Shula Family
“The Shula family thanks all those who have shared their sorrow over the passing of our Coach - a beloved husband, father, grandfather and friend. He was an inspiration to us all for his faith, love of family and community. He is remembered as a great leader who shaped many lives by his example. He left us Still Undefeated!”

Larry Csonka
Fullback, Miami Dolphins
1968 - 1974, 1979
In the locker room immediately after losing to the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl VI, Shula told his players and coaches: “‘This moment is a moment we’re going to learn from. …
‘We’re going to concentrate one week at a time, one game at a time and we’re going to go [into] every game with the intent of winning every game.’
“He dictated what was going to happen the next year with an undefeated season, and I think that was the pinnacle of his career. ... He wouldn’t have any part of bending any of the rules, let alone breaking them. That’s who he was – winning meant everything, but not at a cost to his principles.
“That’s why he meant so much to us; we learned a lot of lessons from him that went beyond the football field.”

Brian Flores
Coach, Miami Dolphins 2019 - present
“My conversations with him about team building revolved around toughness, intelligence and discipline.
“Coach Shula’s teams were all of those things and more.
“He could not have been more supportive when I became the head coach of the Miami Dolphins.”

Bob Griese
Miami Dolphins
1967 - 1980
“We lost someone who cannot be replaced, who cannot be equaled, and who personified everything that is right, not only about our sport but about the way we all should conduct ourselves.”

Dan Marino
Miami Dolphins
1983 - 1999
“Coming to Miami, I was 21-years-old and just to watch him and how he handled the press, how he handled his business, everything he did as a person in the community; all of those things you admired as a young guy and he taught me all that.
“… He embodied the definition of ‘greatness.’ He brought that winning attitude with him every day and made everyone around him better.
“I want to thank him for always believing in me. He made me a better player and person.”

Nat Moore
Wide Receiver
Miami Dolphins
1974 - 1986
Senior Vice President,
Miami Dolphins
“… He always found a way to motivate you to give a little bit more than you thought you had...”
“... he also made sure we were an intricate part of the South Florida community’s fabric. And because of that, you see so many guys here today that are still here, that are still doing well, that are still thriving in business and being a part of the South Florida community to make it better, and it’s all because of Don Shula.”

Mercury Morris
Running back
Miami Dolphins
1969 - 1975
“…He ran us ragged and we certainly weren’t happy about it. But he ran all the gassers and calisthenics along with us, and before long, we saw that everything he was doing made us all better players.
“I started out being mad at him, but it wasn’t long before I became proud to be on his team.”

John Offerdahl
Miami Dolphins
1986 - 1993
“I think for South Florida, [Shula’s pursuit of perfection] was what we all needed then and still to this day need: a belief that in life – as in football – we can do and be better as we strive to reach a victorious goal.
“... We performed beyond our wildest imagination.
“When a player can look in the mirror and say that wasn’t me, but someone else’s expectation of my performance that overcame my own limitations, that is an amazing aspect of a great coach.”

Pat Riley
Miami Heat
“There was no better man or coach in the history of the profession than Coach Don Shula.
“He was tough, courageous and an authentic leader with great integrity in his pursuit of perfection, which he achieved!”

Stephen Ross
Chairman of the Board
Miami Dolphins
“If there were a Mount Rushmore for the NFL, Don Shula certainly would be chiseled into the granite.”

Quotes provided by The Miami Dolphins

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