Scene Around Town: Miami Lakers’ Views

Community By Linda Trischitta, Editor Wednesday, June 15, 2022

    The Miami Laker is launching a new photography column called Scene Around Town to celebrate the beauty of Miami Lakes.  

     The inaugural image is by resident Michael Huffaker, who used his Samsung cellphone last winter to capture a flock of ibis on the northern bank of Lake Katharine.

     Huffaker did not use a filter to record the light dancing on the water. 

     He uses his cellphone camera during daily walks around town and said that he doesn’t have to travel far to be inspired.

     “With the multitude of lakes and small parks that we have in Miami Lakes, you have all kinds of photo opportunities,” Huffaker said. 

     “You don’t have to go out of your way,” he said. “It’s just being out and about. That’s what I like about it. It’s not like you have to drive across country.”

     Do you have a favorite place in Miami Lakes that you like to photograph? 

     If you’d like your pictures to be considered for the column, please send them to