Town attorney wins contract with the City of Doral

Business By Linda Trischitta, Editor Monday, June 10, 2024

The law firm that represents the Town of Miami Lakes has won a new government client: The City of Doral.

Doral hired Gastesi, Lopez & Mestre, PLLC on June 3.

The firm, based in Miami Lakes at 8105 NW 155th St., won a contract potentially worth $1.74 million.

Doral will pay it $25,000 per month for the first year and increase the rate to $30,000 per month in years two through five, according to the contract.

“We got letters of recommendation from every councilman and mayor I’ve served under for the last, almost 11 years,” Raul Gastesi said on June 7 about the law firm’s application process.

Gastesi, 61, said the firm has seven attorneys now and is going to grow.

“We’re going to hire another lawyer, yes and no because of this,” Gastesi said. “[Deputy Town Attorney in Miami Lakes] Lorenzo [Cobiella] and I and another associate will handle both cities. Lorenzo will be dedicated toward government practice.”

The Town of Miami Lakes pays Gastesi, Lopez & Mestre PLLC $20,000 per month in a five year contract until November, 2027, according to Gastesi.

The firm already does “quite a bit of zoning and land use work,” Gastesi said, and represents people who are being fined or who want to win government contracts.

The lawyers partnered up in 2019.

Gastesi was previously an unsuccessful candidate for town council. Mestre is Ceasar Mestre, Jr., who has served as a police officer in Hialeah and as a former Miami Lakes vice mayor, acting mayor and councilman.

Gastesi lives in town and through an entity called Straight Drive Investments, owns the building that houses the law firm.

“Believe me, I’m invested in Miami Lakes,” he said.