Town celebrates Distinctive Women at awards ceremony

Community By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Wednesday, April 19, 2023

    Every March, the Town of Miami Lakes and its Cultural Affairs Committee celebrate women of various professions and endeavors who are nominated for their contributions to the community. This year’s winners, recognized during Women’s History Month, were photographed during a brunch held on March 25 at Town Hall.

     Shown in the photo are Councilman Ray Garcia; Committee Secretary Trinette Zarran; Committee Chair Felicia Salazar; resident Hector Aleman; Elsa Suarez (representing Priscilla Aleman, the winner for the Arts category); Committee member and winner in the Volunteer category, Esther Colon; Committee member Charles James; Cathy Zafra (representing Nancy Aguirre, winner in the Business category); Judge Diana Vizcaíno of the 11th Circuit who was recognized in the Government category, with her son Dominic Seda, 5; Committee member Madelin Santana; Dawn Chapman, winner of the Education category; Committee member Zee Aleman; Committee member Suzanne Choopani; Health Services category winner Natalie Bieule Rovirosa; Committee member Elsa Reus; Councilwoman Marilyn Ruano; Committee member Herminia Ibarra and resident Magaly Rubio. Photo courtesy of the town.