Town hosts tributes to veterans

Community By Linda Trischitta, Editor Thursday, November 18, 2021

     The Town of Miami Lakes does a lot to make veterans feel welcome. 

     Banners along Miami Lakes Drive salute active and former service members. 

     The town held its 42nd Annual Veterans Day Parade on Nov. 7. 

     And on 9/11, a field in the Picnic Park West is filled with flags representing all those who died, including veterans and first responders, during the terrorist attacks.

     On Nov. 11, Picnic Park West, one of the town’s prettiest green spaces, was rededicated as Veterans Park.

     The celebration drew members of the town’s Veterans Committee, American Legion Post 144, Mayor Manny Cid and town councilmembers Marilyn Ruano, Tony Fernandez, Luis Collazo and Vice Mayor Jeffrey Rodriguez.

     “Renaming a park is just a very, very small gesture, for a huge sacrifice that all of our veterans have done,” Collazo said of his initiative in response to veterans’ request. 

     “It’s another gesture that’s deeply rooted in the culture of this community ... it’s not matched anywhere in this country,” Collazo said.

    Four days before, more than 60 groups -- bands, schools, town volunteers and elected officials – signed up to march in the parade and drew spectators along the downtown route.  

     Former Vice Mayor and U.S. Marines veteran Tim Daubert was the parade’s Grand Marshal. He spoke about how war experience or fighting crime or fires can affect a person.

     “Reach out to that veteran, that police officer, that firefighter that lives down the block from you… say thank you to him, have a cup of coffee with him or her and let them know you’re here, just down the street, if they need help,” Daubert said during a ceremony outside Town Hall.