Town Topics: April is Water Conservation Month in Miami-Dade County. What steps do you take to help protect the environment?

Community By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Trinette Zarran  Attorney  Miami Gardens 

     “Washing your laundry with full loads as opposed to multiple loads with fewer clothing items,” Trinette Zarran said.  “[Also] taking shorter showers, opting for a shower rather than a bath, and upgrading to eco-friendly toilets that help reduce water consumption within the home."

Joshua Hertz  Attorney  Pembroke Pines 

     “Earth Day is coming up and our office strives to conserve resources,” Joshua Hertz said. “The little things we do may seem small but add up quickly if everyone contributes.  For example, we have a water cooler, and each employee has their own reusable drinking cup.  Our office has also gone almost all virtual and we keep all our files in the cloud to reduce paper waste.  Small changes that add up to big results.”

Dennis Lyzniak Retired Engineer and Treasurer, Main Street Players  Miami Lakes

     “I think the best thing is to adhere to the county’s water standards from South Florida Water Management:  Water only on the days that you’re permitted,” Dennis Lyzniak said. 

     “If it’s going to rain that day, turn it off. I water like at 4 or 5 in the morning. If I know it’s going to rain probably I’ll turn off the sprinkler system. Right now, it’s the driest part of the year so I’m watering on a two-day cycle."

 Andrea Jimenez  Nurse  Hialeah 

     “Not flushing unnecessarily, it’s a way of saving water,” Andrea Jimenez said. “Also when you’re washing your hands or teeth, turning off the water when you’re not actively using it. I don’t use the dishwasher, I rinse [my plates], turn off the water, use soap and then rinse them off." 

Ivan Corraliza  Music producer Country Club of Miami 

     “We’ll go with the basics,” Ivan Corraliza said.  “We turn off the water when we [brush or wash] whenever we can, we don’t use outside sprinklers. With a family [of four] we try to limit showers and try to use the dishwasher."