Town Topics: The Academy Awards are on March 10. What was the best picture last year?

Community By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Thursday, February 1, 2024

Mabell Angel  director of Development & Communications, The Arc of South Florida, Weston

     “Definitely for me, best movie of the year is “Oppenheimer”!,” Mabell Angel wrote in an email. 

Steven Herzberg Lawyer, Miami Lakes 

     “I don’t have much time for the movies these days, the only movie I saw was “PAW Patrol” (I have three kids) and I don’t think that made the list,” Steven Herzberg wrote in an email.  “Given what I know, I think “Oppenheimer” is the one. I hope to see it soon." 

Ray Garcia Councilman, Town of Miami Lakes, Miami Lakes

     ““Godzilla Minus One” and “Oppenheimer,”” Ray Garcia said.  “My kids wanted to see “Godzilla Minus One,” “Oppenheimer” and “Barbie.” I think out of the three, “Godzilla Minus One” for visual effects and “Oppenheimer” for Best Picture.” 

Mallary Benrube  Receptionist,  The Arc of South Florida, Miami 

     “I say “Oppenheimer,”” Mallary Benrube said. 

Linda Pacun  special events consultant, The Arc of South Florida, Coral Gables 

     “[I] have not seen any movies this year, but would guess “Oppenheimer,”” Linda Pacun wrote in an email. 

Alexandra Herrera interviewed our Town Topics talkers and photographed Mallary Benrube. The rest of our subjects provided their own photos. We thank you all!