Town Topics: The Farmer’s Market is back. What would you like to see offered there?

Community By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Friday, April 19, 2024

Juan Sancho 

Senior Business Account Executive Comcast Business

Pastor at Metro Praise International Miami Church

Palm Springs North

“Be able to do events, see if we can do church and community events [to bring families together at the market],” Juan Sancho said. 

Julia Lopes 

Director of Communications County Commissioner Sen. René Garcia’s office

South Miami 

“I’m a big fan of organic and fresh produce, but also kids’ activities,” Julia Lopes said. 

“I have two little ones so to entertain them, maybe a coloring booth or a slide or bounce house.” 

David Marin

Commission Aide County Commissioner Sen. René Garcia’s office 

Miami Lakes

“I’d like to see more fruits and veggies,” David Marin said. 

Helen Roldan 

Director of Communications and Public Affairs Ballyhoo Media

Member, Miami Lakes Neighborhood Improvement Committee 

Miami Lakes 

“I’m excited to visit local artisan jewelry vendors and get some unique pieces,” Helen Roldan wrote in an email. 

Jessica Medina 

Vice President Business Banking Lender U.S. Century Bank 

Member, Miami Lakes Economic Development Committee

Miami Lakes 

“I always used to get my green juice my healthy juices from Gerardo’s [Marketplace] and ever since they closed, I feel like there is hole,” Jessica Medina said. 

“So [I’d like to see] that clean kind of juice…I would love to see that. [Also] anything clothing- related.” 


     Alexandra Herrera interviewed our Town Topics talkers and photographed everyone but Helen Roldan, who provided her picture. We thank you all!

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