Town Topics: The pandemic in 2020 kept may families and friends from gathering for Thanksgiving. How will you celebrate this year?

Community By Linda Trischitta, Editor Friday, November 5, 2021

The Rev. John F. Stanton, Miami Lakes, The Church of the Epiphany Episcopal

     “The pandemic isn’t keeping me from the real purpose of Thanksgiving - giving thanks to God,” Rev. John F. Stanton said.  “After our 10:30 a.m. Zoom worship service at the Church of the Epiphany in Miami Lakes, I will join my grandchildren for a family turkey dinner, where we all will share our thanks for one thing and probably eat too much,” he said.

Maria Medina, Principal, Miami Lakes Middle School 

     “Our Thanksgiving is all about my father,” Maria Medina said. “Thanksgiving was my father’s favorite holiday. He loved the food, family and football.  As a child, Thanksgiving was done at our house. When I got married and had my family, it transitioned to my home and now after his passing, it is still at my home. We cook all our traditional foods: Turkey, stuffing, sweet potato and wild rice. We miss him and love remembering him,” she said.

Michael Coote, Miami Lakes, Veteran, chair of the Miami Lakes Veterans Committee

     “Our family and friends will appreciate being together just a little bit more this Thanksgiving, acknowledging the good Lord who continues to bless us,”  Michael Coote said.

Joe Louis Morales, Hialeah, Housekeeping

    “The same as last year, just me and my wife,” Joe Louis Morales said. “We plan on eating dinner, to relax and watch television. I may be asked to work and if not, we will just enjoy a nice and quiet evening together.” 

Chris Cantwell, Miami Lakes, Unemployed

     “I don’t have a lot of family members here, just me and my mother,” Chris Cantwell said.  “We plan to spend Thanksgiving together like last year.  The majority of my family members live in New York and California.  Hopefully next year, we will travel to see my uncles and cousins.”

 Rev. John Stanton, Maria Medina and Michael Coote emailed their pictures. Reporter David L. Snelling photographed Joe Louis Morales and Chris Cantwell.  We thank you all!