Town Topics: What are your plans for the summer?

Community By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Friday, June 2, 2023

Hosana Gonzalez Homeschool parent Sweetwater 

     “Our summer plans are to slow down and enjoy the weather out by the beach,” Hosana Gonzalez said. “We’re probably going to start a membership at the Frost Museum and just enjoy the weather. 

      “The homeschool group is also going to get passes to Flamingo Gardens this summer."

 Miley Rodriguez Homeschool student Davie

     “At the end of June, I’m going to go on a big vacation with 30 plus kids to Orlando,” Miley Rodriguez, 12, said. “And then at the beginning August, I am going to go to Vegas with three friends for my birthday.

     “I’m probably going to be hanging out with my friends and family a lot." 

Natasha Reed Homeschool parent Doral 

     “We’re taking a trip cross country, three weeks going up to Kentucky [and visiting the] Noah’s Ark [biblical museum],” Natasha Reed said. “Then we’re going to take Route 66 and do all the sightseeing stops [ending in] Arizona,” she said. 

Winston Hailwood Homeschool student Fort Lauderdale 

     “We have nothing in particular,” said Winston Hailwood, 13. “Come to [Veterans Park] and maybe go on a trip.” 

Jesenia Vega Homeschool parent  Hialeah

     “So we are planning on going on a cruise in July for my husband’s birthday,” Jesenia Vega said. “It’ll be his first time. Our children are five and four and it’ll be their first time. We’ll be enjoying time at the beach and as a homeschool mom year-round, we like to do [educational] activities and will hopefully visit Puerto Rico too, so the kids can visit their granddad."