Town Topics: What is your Christmas wish?

Community By Erika Pesantes,Reporter Monday, December 20, 2021

Jennifer Malik, Montgomery, Ala., U.S. Army

     “It would actually be for somebody else,” Jennifer Malik said. “It would be that my sister is able to buy her first home. She has two kids and she is a single parent. 

     “We’re very tight-knit and it would just mean a lot to me, because I know she’s been looking and it’s kind of hard with one income,” she said. 

Gemma Covian, Miami Beach, Retired health insurance administrator 

     “Basically, world health, no wars, peace and unity,” Gemma Covian said.  “One thought that is very important, especially with kids, [is] to have them safe of all crimes. 

     “And, above all, their education, to enhance their livelihood and opportunity,” she said. 

Raymond J. Galvin II, Hialeah, Window treatment design consultant

     “Just the health and well-being of my family and those I care about, basically,” Raymond J. Galvin II said. 

     “With all that is going on in the world today, with the pandemic and everything that’s happening, [I] just wanted to make sure that everybody is taken care of and we’re healthy for the Christmas holiday,” he said.

Darvin Somarriba, Coral Springs, IT, commercial real estate 

     “For people to start being nicer to each other,” Darvin Somarriba said. “Right now, there is just too much divide in the nation and everybody is taking a stance, either you’re this or you’re that… you’re vaccinated, not vaccinated. You’re Republican or Democrat.

    “... I just think we need to be not so biased and maybe understand other people and different cultures and see where they’re coming from before being quick to react or to judge,” he said. 

Christian Rose, Fort Lauderdale, Restaurant co-owner

     “I ask for a better beginning after Christmas and New Year’s for everyone,” Christian Rose said. “I’m tired of this coronavirus. I’d just like to pick up at a better beginning from where we left off [before the pandemic]. 

     “And I’d like for Chef Harvey to be very successful on his new journey in life, that’s my husband,” she said. [Harvey is a food consultant for a restaurant in Miami Lakes.]