Town Topics: With supply chain delays affecting holiday shopping, how will you buy gifts this year?

Community By Ana Demendoza, Reporter Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Lucia Abadia, Miami Gardens, Retired

“I like to see the commercials on TV and in the newspapers that come through the mail, with the sales that those stores are already promoting,” said Lucia Abadia. 

 “I keep those commercials and ads in my mind when I think about holiday shopping. 

  “Also with TV commercials, if there’s a discount at a store for things that I may want to buy in popular stores [that are] close to home. And that’s it,” she said. “I don’t want to bother with it too long.”

Liliana Fonseca, Hialeah, Owner, Fonsis LLC 

“Personally, I go to the store and just buy,” Liliana Fonseca said. “I’m really bad with buying online. I’m not that organized. I’m not making a list and then feeling disappointed if I don’t find a specific item.

“I don’t think it’s that complicated if I don’t find what I’m looking for. It’s not like it ruins my Christmas if I can’t find a specific item.

“Because I own a small business, I like to support other small businesses,” she said. “In my network, I know people who make crafts or handmade goods. I think those make nice gifts.”

Wilkin Munoz, Opa-Locka, Medical Student

“With my busy schedule, I think for my shopping needs, I’ll definitely hit up the mall, just because I find it the most convenient even if there are shipping delays,” Wilkin Munoz said. “I will take what I can and just adapt to whatever is available for the holiday season,” he said.

Maricel Alfonso, Miami Gardens, Accountant

“I will always say that giving is better than receiving,” Maricel Alfonso said.  “In my family, what we do is either a raffle between family members or we do a gift exchange. ... I don’t think because stores are lower on supply that it’s going to give me a reason to rush to go shopping. 

“The best gift we can have is spending time between family members. There’s many ways to give. It doesn’t have to just be a gift. We can trade a time to babysit. 

“It depends on the needs of the family members and friends,” she said. 

Luis Cordoba, Pembroke Pines, Delivery Man

“I’m not going to run out and hurry to buy things,” Luis Cordoba said. “I want to avoid the crowds. I think I’ll just shop on Amazon or online. 

 “And if I want to buy something I’ll just go earlier.  Instead of waiting for the last moment, you should just go shopping at the end of November,” he said. 

 Reporter Ana Demendoza interviewed and photographed our TownTopics talkers. Comments by Lucia Abadia, 

Liliana Fonseca, Maricel Alfonso and Luis Cordoba were translated from Spanish. We thank you all!