Vie de France is a lucky locale for Miami Lakes couple

Business By Megan Jacobo, Reporter Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Vie de France is a lucky locale for Miami Lakes couple
A dating app led two strangers to Vie de France Bakery & Café.
And after 12 months, they returned once more to the shop on Main Street in Miami Lakes, this time as lovers.
“Being in the exact place a year later reminded us to live each moment in the present,” said
Lisbeth Coto 39, principal at Angels Reach Academy in Hialeah Gardens.
She first met Ryan Reed, an airline pilot and a member of the U.S. Air Force Reserve who is also 39, for coffee at the bakery.
They must have had fun during that first encounter.
Hours of talk over hot lattes and croissants rolled into lunch down the block at Shula’s Steak 2.
The couple returned to the bakery on March 30 to recreate their fateful date at the bakery with the French country theme.
Though social distancing restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic meant there was no table service beneath the restaurant’s red umbrellas, that wasn’t a problem.
As everybody else has had to do during this outbreak, Coto and Reed improvised: They brought a blanket and picnicked outside.
They reminisced while enjoying the same coffees and pastries, and even wore their first date outfits.
“A comfy blanket did it for us,” Coto said.
She said they acknowledged how important it was to not to be anxious about the future or depressed about the past.
While exchanging gifts, they found they had bought each other the same card.
“What are the odds of that?” Coto said.
The happy couple plans to move in together next month.
Bakery Manager
Sheila Grande said Coto and Reed’s efforts to keep their romance alive aren’t unique.
The spot is a destination for those looking for love, and for folks looking to recreate that feeling.
“We have many couples that come here for their first date or to celebrate their anniversary,” Grande said.
Even couples who no longer live in town visit at least once a year, she said.
Hmmm, maybe it’s something in those croissants...

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