Workout: To do at home, in the gym or on the go

Sports By Ricky Ali Personal Trainer Shula’s Athletic Club Thursday, March 4, 2021

Scaption, or scapular plane elevation  


This exercise is deceptively simple. But it will correct your posture and strengthen the muscle group around your shoulders as you lift your arms above your head.


  1. Stand tall with good posture and alignment and contract your abdominal muscles and core. Look straight ahead, stretch your neck and keep it and your head aligned with your spine.
  2. Place your arms at your sides while holding a light dumbbell in each hand that weighs 2 – 5 pounds or do the movement without weights. Your palms should be facing your thighs. 
  3. Slightly tilt your pelvis forward and squeeze your buttocks muscles. 
  4. Breathe in and exhale slowly as you lift both arms above your head, slightly forward from your shoulders with your palms facing each other. Hold this position and gently squeeze your shoulder blades together, then slowly return arms to the start position; perform 8-to-10 slow, controlled repetitions. 


You’ll work the front and back shoulder muscles (anterior and posterior deltoids, upper trapezius, anterior rotator cuff and serratus anterior).  


Avoid letting your head or neck jut forward; don’t lift your shoulders or trapezoids and do not lose your tall, military posture or move the position of your hips.


Disclaimer: Do not begin any physical activity described in this column without prior approval from your health care professional.


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