Workout: To do at home, in the gym or on the go

Sports By Ricky Ali, Personal Trainer, Miami Lakes Athletic Club Thursday, January 6, 2022

The Farmer’s Carry is a full-body movement with weights.

1.  You will use just about every muscle to perform this exercise.

2.  Grasp a pair of dumbbells or Kettlebells or any heavy object that you can carry. Hold one in each hand.

3.  Stand tall with good “military posture,” in other words keep your entire body rigid and tight. 

4.  Begin by bringing one knee up to where the leg forms a 90-degree angle, as shown in the photo above, before stepping forward on that foot and take a step, as shown below.

5.  Repeat the same motion with the other leg.

6.  Based on your fitness level and strength, you will walk for 10-to-30 paces and turn and walk the same distance back to where you started.

7.  Rest 30-to-60 seconds and repeat. Perform three to four sets of Farmer’s Carries.

8.  During your walks, do not allow your shoulders or upper back to slump forward or round. 

     Don’t allow your head and neck to protrude forward. Keep your gaze level and straight ahead.  And it’s very important that you contract and tighten your abdominal muscles while bringing your knee up to take a step.  In other words, use your abdominals to assist with this motion.

     Direct abdominal exercises are very over-rated; you still need to do them, but not as much as one may think when calisthenics such as the Farmer’s Carry are a part of your exercise program.