360 TechGroup offers more than just technology

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360 TechGroup offers more than just technology
For more than five years 360 TechGroup located at 13980 N.W. 58 Court, has been providing IT, copier, telecom, marketing solutions and much more to the tricounty area.
360 TechGroup started out with just three employees, Maribel Suarez, director of new business; Ernie Suarez, president and managing director and Agustin Barrios, director of business technology and they were called SpeedyIT. For about two years they focused on IT services.
Today 360 TechGroup has 22 employees and they handle much more than IT. They realized that no other company was providing all these services for their customers and that’s when they decided to become 360 TechGroup. They do not outsource anything, they take care of everything in-house.
Aside from providing IT solutions and services, they have CopyTech360 which is South Florida’s authorized full line Sharp dealer. They also have WireBeast which takes care of structured cabling and low voltage solutions.
What sets 360 TechGroup apart from the rest is that the owners are always in the office and available to their clients, then don’t stop working at 5 p.m. on a Friday like most companies do. They make themselves available by giving their cell phone number to clients in case something comes up over the weekend. They always put their clients needs first.
Copier companies are limited to the brands they can sell and sometimes the client needs a specific machine which that brand doesn’t offer. Although 360 TechGroup is an authorized Shape dealer they also sell other brands. They provide clients what they need and what works for them, they don’t focus on the products they sell, they focus on what their clients need to help their business function properly. Everything they sell is also available to finance which is helpful to many of their clients.
360 TechGroup has several techs available to assist clients in need, most companies only have one or two techs. 360 TechGroup has a call center with a team available for any needs, if they can’t assist over the phone they will dispatch to the location for further help.
360 TechGroup prides themselves in being an all-around company that truly does everything. They built the company around the client, not the product. “We manage your technology, so you can focus on your business” says Suarez. For more information call (305) 712-7096 or visit 360techgroup.com.

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