Wise Care welcomed by town officials at grand opening

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 0 Comments

Wise Care welcomed by town officials at grand opening
Wise Care, located at 6710 Main Street, recently moved their practice to Main Street on February 15 and were joined by Mayor Manny Cid for their grand opening event.
Wise Care is a family owned and operated medical office that specializes in family medicine, physical therapy, immigration services and much more. The practice is led by Andres Hechavarria, owner; Andy Hechavarria, manager and Monica Artiles, office manager. Wise Care has been in business for three years.
Most physical therapy offices only focus on therapy, Wise Care is different. At Wise Care they have Dr. Luis Manuel Campillo, MD, who treats patients regularly. They also have two physical therapists on site.
Wise Care prides themselves on being a family-friendly staff. They go out of their way to attend patients, they are on-call on Saturdays and stay late hours to cater to their patients schedule. They don’t see patients as a money sign instead they see them as family.
Owner Andres Hechavarria has had several practices in the past and has always kept Doctor Campillo with him. He believes having patients see the same faces when they walk in is extremely important. Wise Care relies heavily on their current or former patients to refer new patients, “we love referrals,” says Hechavarria.
Wise Care also works with many attorney’s offices to refer new patients including immigration attorney’s to send over anyone that may need a physical examination. Wise Care takes most insurances and offers transportation to their patients.
For further information call (786) 360-5107.

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