Don't miss "True West," opens Sept. 27

Friday, September 20, 2019 0 Comments

The play “True West” will be performed at the Main Street Playhouse from Sept. 27 - Oct. 20.

Written by actor and playwright Sam Shepard, it will be directed by Isaac Polanco, who said he’ s excited about presenting the play.

“I jumped immediately at the opportunity of directing it, as I am passionate about Sam Shepard,” Polanco said. “His writing is raw. “True West” is a rip-roaring classic of the American theater.

“True West is a timeless tale of the rivalry and playful menace between two estranged bothers who pitch a movie idea to a Hollywood producer,” said Polanco.

Lee, a reckless thief, pitches his idea for the movie, and wants Austin to junk his depressing love story. The brothers’ relationship is revealed as they battle over the script.

Polanco is also looking forward to seeing how audiences react to this production.

“I hope [The Main Street Playhouse] gets nominated for its first Carbonell Award for “True West,” he said. “They are the Tony Awards of the South Florida theater community.”

For tickets and more information visit or 305-558-3737.

- Megan Medina
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