Specialized Investigations opens in Miami Lakes

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Specialized Investigations opens in Miami Lakes

Three separate entities are housed within the office that overlooks Main Street in Miami Lakes at 6710 Main Street, Suite 900. Despite being little known to the town’s residents, they are behind the scenes doing the work to keep Miami Lakes and areas far beyond safe.  

Specialized Investigations Solutions was created first by Jay Marin following 13 years on the police force. He launched Specialized Investigations in 2013 and has since expanded to include his wife’s expertise in medicine with Specialized Concierge Nursing. Specialized Investigations offers services in business litigation, undercover surveillance, insurance fraud, identity theft, infidelity investigation, and much more. Robert Santiago, director of Business Development, joined shortly thereafter. 

“I did 13 years of one type of public security and I saw there was a need for security in the private sector,” said Marin. 

After expanding Specialized Investigations, Marin teamed up with Steven Rachminov, whom he met after a security detail, to establish Specialized Protection & Security. Rachminov has 18 years of experience in the diamond and jewelry industry before he was recruited into armored transports where he ran two armored transport companies for ten years.  

“When I relocated to Miami from New York, I noticed that security down here is lax,” said Rachminov. “We don’t promote the flashlight look, with button-down shirts and slacks. We have our guards wear tactical looks that work as an actual deterrent.” 

The two companies work in synchrony from the same office overlooking Miami Lakes through large window panes, the same ones they witnessed a burglary happening at Victoria’s Secret.
“It bothers us that we’ve seen Victoria’s Secret get robbed twice. We provided information to the police for cars and license plates but what we want is to be utilized by our community so things like this don’t happen in the first place, where we live, where our kids go to school,” said Marin.

“Of the seven burglaries in Miami Lakes that took place in April and those that were apprehended, none were from Miami Lakes,” said Santiago. “We are residents and we want to make our homes safe.” 

The companies recently did the security detail for President Trump while visiting Florida, and protection for the Chinese Embassy. They will be providing security for the largest jewelry show in Las Vegas and they are currently in the process of opening a location in Las Vegas and another in Manhattan. However, for their headquarters, Miami Lakes is their go-to. Apart from providing security detail for the President, the company has also provided security for Town Mayor Manny Cid.  

They have supported and sponsored various community events such as Cars for a Cure, The Miami Lakes Bar Association, Relay for Life, and the Our Lady of the Lakes Golf Tournament. They also have plans to host a free women’s self defense class for the town.  

“We’re not your regular retired cop that does 30 years on the force and decides he wants to become a private investigator as a side job and has no motivation and no business experience,” said Marin. “We are here to provide better quality, better class, and better service.”

For every 25 people interviewed for unarmed guards, only one is hired. Armed guards are only hired through word of mouth and come from decades of experience in law enforcement including SWAT teams, ex-military, and special forces. Many of them have worked side by side with Marin and Rachminov on previous details or in the police department. All guards receive physical training for defense tactics and fire arms training. The selective nature of their recruitment process results in satisfied and well-protected clients. All guards are fit and bilingual so they can relay information to both clients and police. 

“Unlike other companies, we are not an 800 number,” said Rachminov.

Part of several associations around the world, the network of security and investigations that the companies offer is widespread.  

“We are here to provide a full service for safety and security,” said Marin. 
For more information visit www.sinvestigations.com and www.specializedprotection.com

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