Lakes resident and master belly dancer Virginia Mendez offering classes

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Lakes resident and master belly dancer Virginia Mendez offering classes

The holistic wellness center, Keep It In The Heart, at 8100 Oak Lane, Suite 405 in Miami Lakes, welcomes the talents of master belly dancer Virginia Mendez. A longtime resident of Miami Lakes, Mendez returned to offering classes in Miami Lakes after many years of touring around the world for performances leading to her respected status as a talented performer and teacher. 
Classes take place at Keep It In The Heart from 7 to 8 p.m. and the first class is free. The class meets once a week and a month’s worth of classes is $65. Teens and adults, beginners, intermediate and advanced learners are all welcome for different level classes. To sign up call 786-391-3942 or email 

“I think most people see belly dancing in a particular manner, like what Shakira does,” said Mendez. “What she does is mix belly dancing with hip hop, and movements are in a stylized fashion, not really authentic. Belly dancing is an art form that is part of a culture.”

Mendez first became interested in belly dancing, also known as Oriental Dance, when a friend suggested they take belly dancing classes. One class turned into several and she continued to study the art ever since. She has performed in prominent theaters and festivals around the world and is the premiere protege of Mr. Yousry Sharif, a world-renowned dancer, teacher, and choreographer in Egyptian folkloric dancing. 

“What a lot of people don’t know is that this dance form was influenced by Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire,” said Mendez. “The arabesques and turns really came from old Hollywood movies.”
The bulk of Mendez’s training over the last 20 years has been in folkloric dance, especially Egyptian. 

“For me the dance expresses the feminine spirit and there is something for everyone in this type of dance,” said Mendez. “Some people might feel intimidated but the dancers here often create bonds and friendship and encourage each other without judgment. Confidence in strength found from the dance and the sisterhood of women is so powerful. We are expected to be so much in this world and this is a great space to let off those pressures and just be who you are.”
For more information on Mendez, visit or follow her on Facebook and Instagram @rakstarvirginia.


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