Sun Electronics provides energy saving equipment

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Sun Electronics provides energy saving equipment


Panic sets in for everybody during hurricane season in Florida and the Caribbean. Lines for gas curve around the block, causing people to get frustrated. At home goods stores, people flood in to buy a generator last minute. Once those are gone, hustlers price gauge them and sell them to desperate customers at triple the price.  During the storm, the generator can get damaged from rain outside or even run out of gas. Sun Electronics has a better, more energy efficient solution. 

“Usually when the power goes down, it’s more than a few days or weeks. It’s hard, you can’t store food or do anything. Most people immediately think ‘oh, I’ll get a generator.’ the problem with that is they’re very loud and noisy, and they create a lot of pollution,” said IT manager David Miller. “They’re not efficient. A few solar panels, like three or four, is the equivalent of one generator.” 

Located at 15901 N.W. 59 Avenue in Miami Lakes Business Park East, Sun Electronics sells a variety of solar panels, energy efficient home appliances and other energy-saving accessories. Founded in 1989, John Kimball saw the huge demands for back-up power systems because of power outages in South America. Fast forward three decades, and Kimball’s company is now selling affordable solar panels nation-wide and around the globe to ensure that even during times of crisis, no one is left without power. 

Myths about solar energy can be easily debunked; the solar panels will only work during the day-time, leaving customers stranded at night. Solar Electronics sells battery packs as an extension to the solar panels. The battery charges itself up during the day, so that energy could also be utilized at night. Additionally, unlike generators, panels have no moving parts, so there’s no way it could stall when being used.  

“Generators are like a car,” explained marketing communications manager Martha Wyatt. “You turn them on one time, and if you don’t turn it on every so often, it’s useless. What you’re wasting on time, fuel, repairs or the generator itself, you could’ve had your solar panels.”

Setting up solar panels is not as hard as one thinks. Actually, it’s as easy as dialing a phone number. Solar Electronic’s staff will help every step of the way to ensure customers can go green or off the grid without the hassle or head ache. 

“I think people and customers aren’t sure how they’re going to get started, and they wonder who will guide them into the right direction. That’s not a problem here,” assures Wyatt. “We have a knowledgable team who can help.”

Solar panels could be used everywhere on almost everything. Not only could panels be installed in buildings or homes, customers could also enjoy going green in their RVs, boats or yachts. 

“It’s like a Lego set, if you need more power, you get more panels. With the generators, you’re stuck. With solar panels, once they’re built, that’s it. They’re solid unless you break the thing physically, either by you breaking them or something falls on them. It will not fail, you just hook it up and it works,” explained Miller. 

With warehouses all around the world, Sun Electronics strives to have energy efficient back-up power systems readily available to anyone who needs it. For more information, visit or call (786)565-9359. 


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