Humans of Miami Lakes: Nat Farber

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Humans of Miami Lakes: Nat Farber


Nat Farber has watched Miami Lakes blossom for the past 30 years. From the very beginning, she knew this town was special, and throughout all its changes she happily says, “It still feels like one large family.” Farber is very proud of Miami Lakes, and describes living here as “A dream come true.” She emphasizes how clean and cozy the town is. 

 In a span of 35 years, Farber taught at Miami Springs Junior High, North Miami Beach Senior and American Senior High School. At Miami Springs Junior High, she taught Carol Graham (Wyllie) in the eighth grade. She was a physical education teacher as well as the tennis coach and badminton instructor. 

 In 2001, Farber started working at Shula’s Athletic Club. Farber wasn’t sure if she could adapt to work at the gym after teaching for so long, but to her surprise she fit right in. She got the hang of it so well that people starting calling her “mom” when they saw her. Farber was a floor staff member and was also in charge of the weight room. Although she retired in 2014, Farber is still an active member at the Athletic Club. 

 Currently Farber’s days consist of staying active and keeping busy, she’s not a homebody. She still plays a huge role at the Athletic Club where she works out and plays tennis with others. 

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