Gemstone Payments introduces new office

Thursday, October 4, 2018 0 Comments

Gemstone Payments introduces new office


When it comes to running a business, there are many things everyday consumers don’t factor in. Gemstone Payments, LLC. (Gemstone) located at 15280 N.W. 79 Court, helps businesses by providing easyto- use payment software to process purchases. 

 “I love Miami Lakes,” chuckled Carlos Romero, chief technology officer and Miami Lakes resident of 20 years. “This is a hometown to us, and we have an office in Atlanta and a couple of employees in the U.K., and an office in Panama, but we feel like Miami Lakes is our home, and we treat Miami Lakers with a little more love.” 

 For two years, Gemstone has housed their business in the town of Miami Lakes. In April, they moved to their newest location right in front of Ana G. Mendez University at Parkside Corporate Center. 

 “I think it’s very central, particularly in South Florida.We’re out of the chaos of some of the cities just south from us, and it still has some of that hometown feel without the craziness,” Romero said. 

 Romero co-founded the company with chief executive officer Serafin Fuente. The lifelong friends have been in the same line of business together, and have started many ventures as a team. Since the early 90’s, the dream team has worked together in payments. 

 Their new venture is an international company that helps merchants save money on transaction fees. In addition to providing payment software.

 Gemstone helps with services like credit card processing and mobile payments. Customers include Fortune 100 companies, top tier banking companies, chain restaurants, casinos and the number one cosmetic provider in the world.


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