Goleman alumni Sara Yanes named Teacher of the Year

Wednesday, January 16, 2019 0 Comments

Goleman alumni Sara Yanes named Teacher of the Year
As an alumni of the Barbara Goleman Senior High School graduating class of 2004, it's truly an honor to be recognized at her alma mater by her colleagues and be named as Teacher of the Year. Sara Yanes is humbled to be recognized for hard work and dedication in her career. To Yanes, it means that not only are her students aware of how hard they work in the classroom but her colleagues also see the dedication to her students academic achievements.
Yanes would like for her students to remember her as someone who is always there to help them with whatever they need. As someone who never gives up on them and is as hard working as they are. As someone who is dedicated to their learning and academic success. As someone who understands that her students are human, they're going to make mistakes, there's no perfect student and that's okay. Yanes wants them to learn from their mistakes and grow as individuals from that, she wants them to continue to strive for excellence beyond their high school years.
Yanes also learns from her students, they have taught her that learning truly never stops. Through their class discussions, she learns something new every year and she’s learned to see literature from their perspective when they analyze it together. They've taught her to never give up on them! They surprise her all the time with their thoughts and writing. Yanes’s favorite part is seeing them become better writers and improve in their literature analysis as well as collaborations.

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