Pace High celebrates three seniors who received college acceptances

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Pace High celebrates three seniors who received college acceptances
The Monsignor Edward Pace (PACE) community congratulates the achievements of three of their seniors who have recently earned early acceptances to the universities of their choice.
In mid-December, Vanessa Perez-Robles received her early decision acceptance notice to Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. The local Miami Lakes resident and Our Lady of the Lakes alumna has always been a highly motivated and well rounded student involved in many clubs and organizations. She is also been a valued and talented member of PACE’s girls volleyball team.
When she learned about her acceptance into the prestigious Ivy League institution, Perez-Robles expressed, “I was overjoyed that all my hard work and dedication paid off and that I’d be able to attend my dream school.”
This year the honor student and member of PACE’s Spartan Sword and Shield academic program petitioned to start the school’s Women in STEM club where PACE’s female students are encouraged to explore various career opportunities in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. She plans on majoring in engineering and sustainability.
Additionally, last month PACE Spartans David Barbier and Qiana Pierre learned that they had received full academic scholarships through a national organization called The Posse Foundation.
Barbier, a highly involved member of PACE’s student body and SGA president will be attending Syracuse University in New York, while Qiana Pierre has received a scholarship to attend Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts. They are the first ever PACE students to receive scholarships from the Posse Foundation, which partners with colleges and universities throughout the nation to provide deserving students with full-tuition scholarships as well as pre-collegiate training in leadership, academic success, team building and cross-cultural communication.
For Barbier, receiving this scholarship made him reflect on the opportunities he has been given throughout his life. “It meant a lot to me since it was only something my ancestors dreamed of.” He plans on double majoring in international relations and communications.
 For Pierre, receiving this scholarship filled her with gratitude. “From someone who really thought my story meant little, I was in tears when I found out that I had received this scholarship to attend Mount Holyoke,” she said. “They saw me for who I was and that was enough for them.”
Pierre has always been very active in her community and is glad that the countless hours of studying and volunteer work have paid off and that she has been blessed with this opportunity. She plans on studying Computer Science with a minor in International Affairs.

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