Sandra Miles is Dade Christian's Teacher of the Year

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 0 Comments

Sandra Miles is Dade Christian's Teacher of the Year
Sandra Miles has been named Teacher of the Year at Dade Christian School (DCS) where she has faithfully served as the Pre-K 4 teacher for nearly 20 years.
Her passion for educating young minds is undeniable and the impact she has made at DCS is immeasurable. Her goal is to make the most of every moment she has with her students. Miles strives to make their pre-school program stand outthrough her dedication to implementing a rigorous phonics program in which she ensures that her students will be reading at an above-average level by the time they leave her class.
From teaching them to read at a young age, to life lessons they will always remember, she expects excellence as she makes every effort to teach the whole child.
“Mrs. Miles is a master teacher. She teaches at such a high level day in and day out. It is amazing to see what she accomplishes with such young students,” said Headmaster Paul Humphreys. “Not only do her students leave her class with a vast amount of knowledge that helps lay the foundation for their educational futures, but most importantly, she shows God’s love to her students through all of her actions. She truly makes an impact in the lives of every student and parent that enters her classroom.”

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