Jose Marti students compete in Odyssey of the Mind

Wednesday, April 3, 2019 0 Comments

Jose Marti students compete in Odyssey of the Mind
On March 2 the Jose Marti team competed at the Odyssey of the Mind regional competition held at Miami Springs Senior High. They competed in problem three and finished in first place. Odyssey of the Mind is an intense problem solving international competition club. There are five long term problem categories where students build machines, engineering structures, paint and create masterpieces and perform a skit with props, costumes, music and sets. These creative and dynamic problem solving develops skills in young people that help them thrive in the technical world.
Their problem was, imagine how inspiring Leonardo DaVinci’s (LVD) workshop must have been. Teams portrayed his workplace in an original, creative performance that included LDV, a patron and a naysayer. The teams recreated a LVD painting, make a three-dimensional representation of one of his works and recreated another LDV work in any form the team wished. There was also an original “debunked” creation that LDV “invented” but discarded because it was mocked. Ironically, the item will be shown as something commonly used in modern times.
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