SLE pays tribute to Hispanic Heritage Month

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 0 Comments

SLE pays tribute to Hispanic Heritage Month

Spanish Lake Elementary School (SLE) students paid tribute to their Hispanic heritage, customs, and culture throughout the month of October in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. With a majority of SLE's student population coming from a Hispanic background, they are even more engaged in the study of how Hispanic people have positively influenced and enriched the nation with contributions.

The culminating activity for the school is celebrated with a Hispanic Heritage Dress Up Day and a Food Tasting experience. The students are thankful to others who have lent a helping hand to help them and their families settle in the United States. Therefore, they actively give back through supporting The United Way Student Campaign throughout the month of October with various dress up days. 

Students’ favorite days this year were Ugly Tie Day, Glam Dress Up Day, Rock N Roll Dress Up, Inside Out Day, and Disney Dress Up Day.

The Red Ribbon Week theme this year was “Your Future Is Key, Drug Free.” Students were made aware of the responsibility for creating a positive environment by selecting drug-free lifestyle choices and by showing respect for one another to create a violence-free atmosphere.

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