'LifeChanger of the Year' honor goes to M.L. Middle's Elizabeth Echavarria

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'LifeChanger of the Year' honor goes to M.L. Middle's Elizabeth Echavarria






“LifeChanger of the Year” is a prestigious award given to a teacher, administrator or staff member in a school for going above and beyond their normal duties. 

 Elizabeth “Betty” Echavarria was nominated by Elizabeth Gutierrez for her outstanding work as the principal’s secretary at Miami Lakes Middle School. 

 Thanks to Echavarria, Gutirrez’s grandchildren were able to transition into their new school smoothly without any obstacles. 

 “I listen a lot. For instance, if parents come in with issues, I don’t like to pass the buck. I like to take care of them as much as I can. I believe in doing everything with a smile on your face,” remarked Echavarria. 

 “LifeChanger of the Year” is sponsored by the National Life Group Foundation, and each year a LifeChanger can receive hundreds of nominations from across the country. In the 2018- 2019 school year, 17 individual LifeChanger awards will be given, with the grand prize winner receiving $10,000 to be shared with their school.

 Echavarria has been part of the Miami-Dade County Public School system for almost 30 years. She originally started working at Miami Lakes Middle School seven years ago, when her youngest of three children was accepted into their magnet program. Even though her son has moved on to Barbara Goleman Senior High School, Echavarria stayed behind helping parents and teachers with whatever issues they may face.

 “Honestly, I love working with people. My favorite challenge is taking a parent who is upset or angry, and let them walk out happy with a solution. It’s what gives me the most satisfaction,” Echavarria said.

 Although Echavarria does her best to help as much as she can, she never realized the impact she was making on the parents she helped, or the office she managed. 

 “I was shocked actually, I’m honored of course. I’ve never considered myself a life changer,” beamed Echavarria. 

 To view Echavarria’s “Life- Changer of the Year” nominee profile, or for more information about the program, visit www.LifeChangeroftheYear.com. 

 “Now everyone is telling me how I’ve changed their lives,” chuckled Echavarria. “Honestly, I just try and do the best for everyone. I try and help people as much as I can.”




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