BGEC's CEA students offer Homeless Awareness plan

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 0 Comments

BGEC's CEA students offer Homeless Awareness plan
The eighth grade students of the Civic Engagement Academy (CEA) at Bob Graham Education Center (BGEC) had the honor of attending The State of the County Address delivered by Mayor Carlos Gimenez at the Port of Miami on January 31.
They then presented their Homeless Awareness campaign video and their CAP (Sweep Alternative Policy) to the Homeless Trust Board in the afternoon. Initially, the students were invited to be honored for their efforts in the fight to end homelessness which they've done by placing six homeless trust meters in Miami Lakes parks and one on Main Street.
They took the opportunity to present the next wave of their efforts to ensure 100 percent of funds belonging to the State and Local Housing Trust Fund are not swept.
The sweeping of these funds is a violation of the public's trust and the funds collected through taxes on deed stamps must be used according to the terms of the Sedowski Act. For 11 years, the State Legislature has been sweeping these funds to the detriment of local communities.
This year, the students implore local governments to take action to secure the millions of dollars available to their cities through this trust fund, ask voters to hold their public servants accountable and stand with Governor Ron DeSantis to fund the Trust 100 percent. #LeadingALegacyofService.

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