STU's Brandon Keller interns at the White House

Thursday, March 14, 2019 0 Comments

STU's Brandon Keller interns at the White House
St. Thomas University student Brandon Keller recently did an internship at The White House during his fall semester. Keller got the oppurtunity by committing himself to public service extensively.
He first started by interning with the U.S. Treasury Department in Miami, becoming student president, interning for Senator Marco Rubio and volunteering to help struggling students at Carol City Middle School. The experience made Keller want to pursue a career in politics and law because he saw first-hand how much policies from the U.S. Government affects individuals. 
Keller was one of the only Hispanic interns within the Office of Presidential Correspondence. There they received mail and emails and responded appropriately on behalf of the Administration. “It was a pretty surreal experience” stated Keller.

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