Mayor Cid reveals Marilyn Ruano as Tony Lama replacement on dais

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Mayor Cid reveals Marilyn Ruano as Tony Lama replacement on dais

Miami Lakes Mayor Manny Cid is planning to nominate Marilyn Ruano to fill the vacancy on the Town Council, which was created when Vice Mayor Tony Lama announced his resignation after accepting a job offer with in Seattle, Washington.

In a memo to council members, town staff and residents, Cid said Ruano is the ideal candidate to serve on the Town Council until next year’s general election and is asking the community for support following his difficult decision. 

Cid said he plans to call a special meeting this month to officially nominate her for the job and is hoping he can count on his colleagues’ confirmation to make it official.
Ruano filed papers to run for a seat on the Town Council in the 2018 election before Cid picked her to replace Lama.

“After much thought, consideration and prayer, I have decided to announce my intention to nominate Mrs. Marilyn Ruano to fill the vacancy,” Cid said. “Expressing my intention in advance allows the public the opportunity to meet the nominee in a transparent fashion. Mrs. Ruano understands firsthand the importance of being an independent voice working for all Miami Lakers. She possesses incredible integrity, strength, and the heart of a public servant.” 

Lama’s resignation is effective on July 25, and according to the town’s charter, if six months or more remain in the unexpired term for Seat 3, the vacancy shall be filled by a nomination of the mayor made within 30 calendar days following the occurrence of the vacancy, which must be confirmed by council members.

But if the Town Council is unable to reach a confirmation on Ruano, a special election must take place to fill Lama’s seat no later than 90 calendar days following the occurrence of the vacancy.
According to her bio, Ruano, an accountant, and her husband moved to Miami Lakes in 1997, and she has been president of the Royal Palm Estates Homeowners Association since 2013.
After she moved to Miami Lakes, Ruano discovered her true calling, a strong advocate for education.

She served on the Miami Lakes Education Advisory Board, which helped secure funding for tutoring classes and much needed educational programs at the town’s area schools, and promoting and encouraging a love of reading at an early age which is a “very” fulfilling experience.
Her son is a student at Barbara Goleman High School.

“Passionate about children and their education, I found my way into public service in 2007 when my son was first enrolled at Bob Graham Education Center,” she said. “Over the years, I have volunteered and served as treasurer of BGEC PTSA from 2007 to 2013, president of the Civic Engagement Academy Bobcat Law Society from 2014 to 2016, Educational Excellence School Advisory Council parent representative from 2015 to 2016 and currently serve on  the Wellness Advisory Committee for Miami-Dade County Public Schools representing School Board member  Perla Tabares Hantman.” 

Ruano added: “With over a decade of community service, including regular attendance at Town Council meetings, I have voiced my concerns on matters affecting the future of Miami Lakes. I look forward to serving my community for many years. The past 10 years have been very rewarding and I know, in my heart, that the best is yet to come.”

Ruano earned her Bachelor’s Degree at Florida Atlantic University and started her own accounting practice. She relocated her business to Miami Lakes in 2004.

“I truly understand what it is to live, work and play in Miami Lakes,” she said.

Most council members declined to offer their comments on Ruano, following the town attorney’s advice to avoid any possible Sunshine implications.

Lama, who will not vote on Ruano’s confirmation, said he’s happy about the mayor’s decision to nominate Ruano to fill his vacancy, bringing gender diversity to the council.

“I know that this decision didn’t come without plenty of thought and prayer,” Lama said. “Setting aside much needed gender diversity for a moment, Marilyn Ruano is a qualified professional with over a decade of service to this town. She’s intelligent, articulate, fair and loves this town. I wanted to see a woman on the council as well, but it had to be the right woman and I’m pleased with the mayor’s decision.” 

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