County approves Town proposal to upgrade 154 Street signalization

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 0 Comments


The Miami-Dade County Commission last week approved an interlocal agreement with Miami Lakes which allows the town to upgrade six traffic signals located along N.W. 154 Street between N.W. 87 and N.W. 77 avenues. 

 The project is located in Commission Chairman Esteban Bovo’s District 13, where the town is responsible for all equipment, engineering and installation costs for the traffic signals upgrade that provides new technologies that allow the county to implement advanced traffic management tools such as adaptive traffic signals controls, traffic responsiveness and connected vehicle capabilities to improve traffic mobility. 

 Miami Lakes, having reviewed the improvements to traffic along N.W. 36 Street, has a resolution to implement the same technology and strategies at six signalized intersections along Miami Lakes Drive at 77 Avenue, the Palmetto Expressway South, N.W. 77 Court, N.W. 79 Avenue, N.W. 82Avenue and N.W. 87Avenue. 

 The town will pay $18,000 for the purchase of CCTV, and a contract with Econolite/Aegis ITS in the amount of $152,000 for the purchase of ASCT technology with an allowance of $30,000.

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