FDOT supports I-75 bridge as walkway, not passive park

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 0 Comments


Miami Lakes Mayor Manny Cid reports “Great news from the Florida Department of Transportation...our proposed pedestrian-bicycle trail connecting Miami Lakes and Hialeah is moving forward.”

Councilmember Nelson Rodriguez said, “We’re taking it slow. That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

The lawmakers were reacting to a letter to Cid from FDOT District Six secretary James Wolfe dated February 23 in response to a Town of Miami Lakes Resolution regarding a passive park on the N.W. 154 Street I-75 bridge.

“FDOT encourages the Town to collaborate with Miami-Dade County to secure support for the proposed project. Since April 2016, the FDOT Right-of-Way Office has coordinated with the Town on the proposed use of the property.

“FDOT will circulate the request to surplus the right-of-way on the east side to the Town of Miami Lakes and to convey the property on the west side to the City of Hialeah. FDOT will retain all the right-of-way within the limited access to I-75.”

Wolfe’s letter also states, “FDOT supports the use of the bridge as a pedestrian walkway only, and not as a passive park. All decorative items such as planters will need to be moveable for bridge inspections. FDOT does not support the use as an observation platform due to safety concerns.

“The project may be eligible for Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) funding if it were part of a trail or trail system. FDOT will continue to work with the Town on this project.”

Cid said, “This amenity will be a great asset for all of Northwest Miami-Dade.”


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