Youth Center Art in Public Places unveiled on March 10

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Miami Lakes unveiled the Miami-Dade County Art in Public Places project at the Town’s Youth Center (The Spot) on March 10 at 6075 Miami Lakes Drive.

Art in Public Places is a program of Miami-Dade’s Department of Cultural Affairs and serves the community through the implementation of art installations dedicated to enriching the public environment and to preserving and enhancing the artistic and civic pride of the county. The Art in Public Places ordinance established allocating 1.5 percent of construction cost of new public buildings for the purchase or commission of artworks.

The Youth Center’s Art in Public Places project is a colorful 3-dimensional suspended sculpture floating through the building’s breezeway. Its oval shape fills the space and offers different views from different angles. Energetic yellow and red hues make the sculpture the center’s visual highlight.

During the day, light is filtered through the transparent panels onto the breezeway walls and floor. At night, the effects of it are dramatically different through the illumination by the upward and downward lighting.

The shape of the sculpture resembles an alien space ship. The breezeway marks the functional intersection of the building and the sculpture literally embodies the nickname “The Spot” in its center.

The sculpture is made of multiple hand colored acrylic glass panels, mounted on light weight trusses and measures approximately 8 feet by 12 feet.

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