Town receives $3.6 million grant to complete extension of N.W. 59 Avenue roadway

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 0 Comments

Town receives $3.6 million grant to complete extension of N.W. 59 Avenue roadway


The Town of Miami Lakes is a big winner for a multi-million dollar grant to complete a roadway extension project to connect commercial and industrial areas as well as build bike lanes and sidewalks.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) awarded Miami Lakes the County Incentive Grant Program for $3.6 million to help finance the N.W. 59 Avenue Roadway Extension and Redevelopment Project.

Last year, the Town budgeted $4.2 million for the project which also may include RV and boat storage yards for residents.

The program was created to provide grants to municipalities to improve transportation facility including transit, which is located on the State Highway System (SHS) or which relieves traffic congestion on the SHS.

The N.W. 59 Avenue Project provides greater interconnectivity within the town’s boundaries and presents an opportunity to reposition the N.W. 151/153 streets  corridor as a hub of commercial activity. In addition, the project proposes a complete street network that will provide the much-needed bike lanes and sidewalks that will allow school students to be able to safely access their schools through alternative modes of transportation.

Miami Lakes thanked staff members Carmen Olazabal, chief of Capital Improvement Projects and Special Services’ Michelle Gonzalez, Senior Transportation Planner;, and Renee N. Jean, Grants Administrator; who all worked diligently on the grant proposal.

“This is yet another example of why it's vitally important to foster good intergovernmental relations with all stakeholders,” said Mayor Manny Cid. “Thank you town staff for working hard on the grant application and presentation. Our entire transportation program is very close to being fully funded. Kudos to the entire Town Council for always staying focused on achieving our strategic goals.”

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