Road named for Sgt. Marrero

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Road named for Sgt. Marrero
The Miami-Dade County Commission approved a measure co-designating a portion of N.W. 87 Avenue between N.W. 170 and 186 Streets “Sergeant Larry E. Marrero Drive.
Marrero, a Miami Beach police officer and Palm Springs North resident, passed away on November 29, 2018, after he suffered a heart attack while participating in his agency’s physical fitness program. Posthumously, Marrero was subsequently promoted from the rank of detective to sergeant.
The Miami Lakes Town Council approved a measure to co-designate N.W. 170 Street between 87 and 88 avenues as Sgt. Larry E. Marrero Drive.
“Sergeant Larry E. Marrero served the Miami Beach Police Department for 28 years with distinction in a variety of assignments including patrol, marine patrol, school resource officer, and homicide detective, and was a 20-year member of the department’s SWAT unit,” said Miami-Dade Commissioner Esteban Bovo Jr. who represents District 13.
“A resident of Palm Springs North, Sergeant Marrero was a prominent member of our District 13 community, and it is only right to honor his life and memory by co-designating that portion of N.W. 87 Avenue between N.W. 170 and 186 streets Sergeant Larry E. Marrero Drive,” Bovo said.
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