Humans of Miami Lakes: Nilo Ventura Sr.

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Humans of Miami Lakes: Nilo Ventura Sr.


Originally from Cuba, Nilo Ventura Sr. moved to New Jersey, then Palm Springs North and eventually made his way to Miami Lakes in 1977 with his wife Honorinda and two kids, Nilo Jr. and Hector Ventura. For over 40 years, Ventura Sr. has been an active member of the community. 

 He began coaching in Optimist Park while his two sons were part of the baseball team, and he was also on the board for five years, working alongside Jack McCall. As a result, Ventura taught the youth of Miami Lakes about sportsmanship, team work and discipline. Additionally, Ventura built the batting cages which are still in use today. 

 “That’s pretty cool, you know? Because the batting cages are still there,” explained Ventura Jr. 

 In the early 1990’s, Ventura had bought some land from The Graham Companies and built six homes on Cow Pen Road and four more in Royal Oaks. As a general contractor and real estate developer, he contributed to the development of Miami Lakes. Although Ventura has moved on four different occasions, he’s always stayed in the Miami Lakes area and currently lives in one of the houses he built in Royal Oaks.

 “He stays in the community. He plays dominoes in the community center, and he does Sunday mass at Our Lady of the Lakes,” said Ventura Jr. 

 Now at 85-years-old, Ventura Sr. enjoys his retirement with his wife of 59 years and their six grandchildren.

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