Remedy's Nutrition to open in Cypress Village Shopping Center

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Remedy's Nutrition to open in Cypress Village Shopping Center


It’s so recurrent. If there’s a medication for one thing, it can start a chain reaction that will cause something else that wasn’t there before. A medication that can solve a headache may cause nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and stomach problems. But, at least there’s no more headache. 

Remedy’s Nutrition’s solution is a holistic approach to everyday ailments. If customers experience frequent headaches, there’s a vitamin for that. Trouble sleeping? There’s an oil for that. The benefits include no side effects, and no harsh chemicals or substances. 

“Holistic medicine is a branch of medicine that entitles and encompasses your whole body. What we try to do is place natural substances in your body and focus in on what’s wrong to make yourself complete,” explained Tony Mendez, owner of Remedy’s Nutrition in Miami Lakes.

Remedy’s first began in Key Largo. Mendez was a pharmacist at the time, and decided to stop by the store. There, he met his future business partner Gene Lentz, a nutritionist. The rest is history, and since then Lentz and Mendez have planned to open stores around South Florida. With a new store opening up in Miami Lakes, they plan on expanding to Doral, Key West and eventually Weston. 

“I’m going backwards, because as a pharmacist I’ve been doing this my whole life. We saw this company in the Keys, and I was looking at them and I said ‘wow, this stuff really works.’ We tried it and it works. I started thinking about it and the older you get, you want to start going natural,” explained Mendez. 

Miami Lakes was the first place that popped into Mendez’s mind when deciding on a new location. For 30 years, Mendez lived and worked in Miami Lakes, and he plans to continue serving the community that he’s been a part of for so long. After a trip to Italy, Mendez and his wife had a near-death experience at a car wreck in Venice. Mendez recalled that it put into perspective what he does, and says it has inspired him to help the community more so. 

“I had a young lady that was hooked on Zanax, and she really wanted to get off it so I gave her some CBD oil, and she started with that, and she’s gotten off two of her meds,” said Mendez. “No more controlled substances. That’s the focus I want to take, I want to help the people that have, I don’t want to say ‘addictions,’ but it’s so common place to use hard drugs to go to sleep, but you can take natural stuff and not wake up with a hangover.”

Customer Grace Rodriguez was suffering from a pulmonary embolism that almost lead to her death back in March, but with the help of Mendez, she was able to stop her suffering without the use of controlled substances. Doctors had told her it would take a year to go back to normal, but she bounced back in just a couple of months.

“It really has worked for me,” Rodriguez said. “I went from zero to 60 as far as improvement.”

Remedy’s Nutrition in Miami Lakes is located in the  Cypress Village Shopping Center at 7331 Miami Lakes Drive. For more information, call (305)400-8920 or visit their website at

“You go to Remedy’s to get your remedy,” Mendez chuckled.


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