Fall Fashion Forward Miami Lakes featuring trends by Moda by Pasarela

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Fall Fashion Forward Miami Lakes featuring trends by Moda by Pasarela


For five years, Viviana Herrera at Moda by Pasarela has been keeping the women of Miami Lakes up-to-date on the latest fashion trends. The store, located at 6833 Main Street, has many stylish options for the fall season. 

 This is not your typical autumn fashion season. For 2018, animal prints and sparkles are becoming the hottest patterns to wear. Besides the traditional plaid and darker tones, neon is giving this dark holiday the pop it needs. Although these flashy colors may not normally be on the trends list for fall, fashion icons like the Kardashians are bringing it back through trendy, chunky accessories. 

 “Definitely the animal print is coming back. The neon also, which I can’t believe it,” remarked Herrera. “It’s not big pieces, but just a hint of neon, like in purses or shoes. Mainly accessories. Those two pieces are making a huge comeback.” 

 Just like South Florida residents won’t see a change in the color of the leaves, the color scheme for fall hasn’t changed either. Any color will work for the season, however there is one fashion ‘don’t’ Herrera thinks South Florida residents should avoid. 

 “For fall, I think in my honest opinion, it’s rompers. I love jumpers, but rompers are way too summery,” explained Herrera. 

 For accessories, chunky necklaces, layered bracelets or oversized earrings are the best thing to pair with an autumn look. However, mixing all three together is a big no-no. Besides the usual ankle boots, pumps are the shoes that will tie the outfit together. 

 “The perfect fall outfit in my opinion, is definitely skinny jeans with a blazer, basic top, big earrings and pumps. Something that is really really in now is sequins, which I love the sparkles,” Herrera said. “Maybe a sequin skirt with an oversized top and sandals. You can also try jeans with a t-shirt that has some embellishments. Pearls are still in too. a lot of ‘bling bling’ like I say, I love it!”

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