Pace LIFE leaders attend Living in Faith youth camp

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 0 Comments

Pace LIFE leaders attend Living in Faith youth camp


One of the main focuses within the Monsignor Edward Pace High School (Pace) community is to offer students a high school faith experience. To fulfill that purpose, Pace runs the Living in Faith Experience youth group (LIFE).

The LIFE program provides students all over the world with opportunities to grow in their faith throughout student-led weekly meetings. 

This summer, six of the Pace LIFE leaders, Daniella Conde, Sade Rogers, Nathan Bonet, Teresa Macias, Joshua Dubon and Amayah Novela had the opportunity to attend the LIFE summer retreat program at Camp Tecaboca located in Mountain Home, Texas.  

Overall, the program consisted of a week-long experience where the LIFE leaders got to enjoy all kinds of activities including icebreakers, meditation sessions, ministry workshops, small group and large group discussions, sacraments and prayer. 

They learned all about strengthening their faith-based communities through various team-building exercises, and were also able to participate in various self-reflection activities where they truly learned how to embrace both their strengths and weaknesses in carrying out their roles as leaders. 

“It’s one of those experiences that you will remember and use for the rest of your life,” said Rogers.  

In addition, Pace’s campus ministry director Andres Novela held workshops for all the students at Camp Tecaboca with topics including the call to action in carrying out commitment to faith, and social justice issues that relate to the world today. 

All week long, the Pace LIFE leaders were asked to create a mission statement. They committed to raise more awareness about the LIFE program, and to be innovative within their leadership positions. They hope to use this experience as a way to maintain Christ at the center of the Pace family. 


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