Pace holds Spirit Day for St. Mark Catholic School students

Thursday, October 4, 2018 0 Comments

Pace holds Spirit Day for St. Mark Catholic School students


Students of Monsignor Edward Pace High School (Pace) recently held a spirit day for the entire student body at St. Mark, the Evangelist Catholic School in Davie. The group of seniors who participated are members of Pace’s pastoral ministry class, taught by Andres Novela, a class of 1996 Pace alumnus and the school’s director of campus ministry.

The class focuses on teaching high school students how to communicate the gospel in ways that are relevant to their age group as young adults. The pastoral ministry group is at the core of Pace’s campus ministry program, which helps organize all of the school’s masses and prayer services.

When asked about the experience, Pace senior Teresa Macias stated “being able to share my faith with younger kids felt incredible,” The morning of spirit day, during the prayer service, students performed a skit and lead the group in moments of reflection. 

Pace students later took some time to break into small groups with St. Mark’s eighth graders, and older students had a chance of interacting with them at a deeper level. 

It was a day of expression and growth for all who participated. Together, the Pace students continue to understand that there are several ways to express their faith in relevant ways that will resonate with today’s youth.


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