Betsy Moo masks up

Community Wednesday, December 16, 2020

  She’s a painted Holstein cow statue affectionately known as Betsy Moo, and she has a message for children who visit the Miami-Dade County Library branch in Miami Lakes: Mask up!

     “If the kids see the cow is doing it, they know they have to wear the mask, too,” Dottie Wix, a member of the Miami Lakes Garden Club, said on Dec. 4.

     Club President Audrey Valhuerdi made the mask for the statue that is at 6699 Windmill Gate Road. 

    The club tends the shrubs and flowers planted around Betsy Moo’s hooves, and members thought she could deliver a message about staying safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

     Betsy Moo is one of at least nine painted bovines placed around town as part of its art in public places project, which was developed by the Cultural Affairs Committee.

     Called “We Love Cows,” the statues drew sponsors and are a tribute to Miami Lakes’ beginnings as the Graham dairy farm.

     Just south along Northwest 67th Avenue from the library, Publix  recently installed their cow out front.

     It’s decorated with the supermarket’s green logo.


--Linda Trischitta

--Photos by Megan Jacobo.

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