Our Neighborhoods: Miami Lakes Upper East Side

Community By Alexandra Herrera, Reporter Thursday, June 30, 2022

     This is the third story in an ongoing series on the Upper East Side neighborhood.

    Traveling south through Miami Lakes’ upper east side neighborhood, there are several blocks of relatively new office spaces and two sets of warehouses. The businesses along Northwest 59 Avenue near Northwest 164 Street have views of Lake Ruth. 

     The mix of companies include Educational World Learning Center; a State Farm Insurance office; Legacy Group Real Estate; JustWell Health’s doctors’ offices; Vanguard Construction Group; San Marcus Research Clinic, Inc. and Gatekeeper Consulting and Investigation

     JustWell Health, at 16320 NW 59 Ave., is one of the newer businesses in the Miami Lakes Professional Center complex of offices. 

     “This new office [has been there] around three years,” said Sylvia Dolgos, JustWell Health’s vice president of business development. 

     The warehouse buildings are known as Lakes Corporate Park.

     Visitors will find the Otis Elevator Company; Wood., a global sustainable engineering firm; Tierra South Florida, a geotechnical engineering firm and Miami Signs and Wraps.

     Also, Baluna restaurant supply and design; Penta Avionics which supplies and services components for commercial aircraft; Terracon consulting engineers and scientists; BritePlans, a marketing and dental plan provider and Global Pathology

     Dr. Gregory Reed and Dr. Gerardo Perez are based in the JustWell Health office suites. 

     The doctors had been caring for patients in the area before they joined JustWell Health, “an organization that manages primary care physicians’ offices,” Dolgos said. “So right now [JustWell] has 19 physician practices that we manage, and we own three.”

     Taking a suggestion from the doctors, the company looked for a new building in the area before it moved to town. 

     “We wanted to look for a new building and give it a clean and bright [appearance], is what we call it,” Dolgos said. 

     JustWell Health is an MSO, or managed sponsored organization, which performs coding and billing; marketing strategies and documentation processes among other services typically done by medical staff. 

     “Being an MSO, we really want the doctors to focus on quality care and seeing their patients and taking their time with their patients,” Dolgos said. 

     The doctors in the Miami Lakes offices treat patients who are 65 and older, and provide van transportation, Dolgos said.

     The company is always looking to expand. 

     “It really depends on where the patients are,” Dolgos said.